Secure Apache Content Security Policy - Prevent the most common exploits - Make your website safer!

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Secure Apache Content Security Policy - Prevent the most common exploits - Make your website safer!

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Content Security Policy:

Add Security whitelist rules to your Apache Linux server website's, if you don't know what is a Content Security Policy, you should require some attentions to this.

It only take one security incident to break years of reputation.

Now with WordPress everyone can have a website, but the vulnerability are known and it is a lot easier then you might think to hack in a server without good security rules.

This is a must have plus we really don't charge a lot!

Disclaimer: I don't do strict-dynamic with nounce or hash, it is to much work. but I'll set everything else with inline and verify if there's bad endpoint in the case that you use inline script on your website.

Customs Security Headers: Including properly set your cookies (Work better on HTTPS website) Script run on http and users data goes trough the https AND they are restricted to your website preventing Cookies Sessions hijacking and many more vulnerability.

Bonus: Help you trough the process of becoming GDPR Compliant.

(Required to have your website indexed in Europe) Note that you will need a properly set Terms of Service (ToS) and privacy policy Page.

Set up Cloudflare:

if you are interested, I will setup Cloudflare to work with your server for a little extra. (Popular CDN + DNSSEC Reversed Proxy).

Make the test yourself :

See if your company is at risk!

Test my website  (Very reliable and free Security Scanning AI).

Extra: 10$ Discount on your next MRichard333 Purchase!

Contact us:

By Live Conversation or by E-Mail for more details!

Best Regard's

Mathieu Richard

Fondator and CEO

I want this!

Custom CSP in .htaccess files including instruction

Estimated delay for files only
Estimated delay for Cloudflare setup
1 to 4 weeks
Estimated Delay for custom CSP
1 to 6 weeks
Estimated delay for GDPR Complience
1 to 2 weeks
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